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'Where's Polonius?' / Interpreting a Passage In Hamlet
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A 5 page paper on the very short passage in Act IV, Scene III of Hamlet, in which Claudius asks Hamlet what he has done with Polonius' body. It argues that Hamlet's strange responses address not only the location of the body, but Claudius' guilt for Hamlet's father's death. No additional sources cited.
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Hamlet Was Guilty of Deaths
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This five-page-paper discusses the movie Hamlet in which Hamlet was played by Mel Gibson. Rather that a summary of the movie the paper analyzes the ways that hamlet became like Claudius in his revenge against Claudius, and compares and contrasts Hamlet’s experiences to the real life experiences of a single mother. Bibliography lists two sources.
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Hamlet's Revenge
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A 5 page paper which asks why it took Hamlet so long to kill Claudius. The argument presented is that Hamlet, bound by honor and a code of righteousness, could not merely kill Claudius as Claudius had done to Hamlet's father. Hamlet was obliged by personal, honorable, Biblical, and righteous standards to hesitate till the right moment. And even then he somehow seems to have believed he failed, thus taking his own life as well. Bibliography lists 4 additional sources.
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